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1. Can you run 20 kilometers?


A. No, I cannot, it is far enough.
B. No, I can’t.
C. Yes, I do a lot.
D. Yes, I can't.
E. No, I cannot. I am too strong.

O campo e-mail é obrigatório

2. Put the words in the CORRECT ORDER:

For example, type bcdea in the box.

  • him
  • every
  • They
  • week
  • see


What have you eaten today?

A. I've eaten two eggs for breakfast.
B. I ate nothing yet today.
C. I drunk a cup of coffee when I got up.
D. I have eat breakfast.
E. I today have eaten only some sandwich.

4. Fill in the blank:

________Jennifer hates chocolate, she loves sugar.

A. But
B. Or
C. Although
D And
E. So


What are you doing?

A. I'm going at school.
B. I am sitting.
C. I am smoking some cigarette.
D. I am listening to he.
E. I am doing anything.

6. Put the phrases in the CORRECT ORDER:

For example, type bcdea in the box.

  • than
  • louder
  • actions
  • speak
  • words


What did Mrs. Collins do?

A. She told he about what you said.
B. She'd not do anything at all.
C. She didn't know to do what.
D. She gone straight to the boss.
E. She wrote a letter to her best customer.

8. Which are the SAME?

Start with A. For example, type A3B2C4D1E5 in the box.

  • hold on
  • throw up
  • break down
  • get down to
  • put up with
  • stop functioning
  • tolerate
  • attend seriously
  • wait
  • vomit


TEACHER: In addition to your textbooks, there are a couple of other materials you need to buy for this course. Because you will be writing weekly (1) _________ I want you to have a notebook that you can (2) _________ to me every Friday. Make sure that the size is 8 1/2 by 11, not a smaller one. You also need a set of index cards. You will be taking notes on books that you will read, and you will write your notes on these cards. One set (3) _________. Any questions?


A. journals
B. Newspaper
C. Book
D homework


A. turn up
B. turn on
C. turn down
D turn in


A. should be enough
B. should have been enough
C. should enough
D should been enough

10. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:

The lion (1) _________ the "king of beasts," but in fact, this king doesn't do much to deserve the title. Lions live in groups; each group, or "pride," of lions consists of one dominant male and several females and their offspring. However, all the (2) _________ is done by the lionesses, the females. Males spend their time (3) _________ what they have killed. Occasionally, males may have to scare off possible threats to the group, but for no more effort than this, they get to eat first, and to eat until they are full. Male lions are also guilty of what (4) _________ not very kingly behavior. When a new male takes over the pride, he will usually kill all the cubs of the male that formerly led the pride. This ensures that only his own offspring will survive. This may seem brutal, but it is how (5) _________. Perhaps we might want to reconsider calling the lion the "king of beasts."


A. is often been calling
B. has often called
C. is often been called
D has often been called


A. work—the stalking, chasing, and killing of prey—
B. works—the stalking, chasing, and killing of prey—
C. work;—the stalking, chasing, and kill all the prey¬—
D work:—to stalking, to chasing, and to killing of prey—


A. either sleeping while the females hunt or eating
B. sleeping while either the females hunting or eat
C. either sleeping while the females hunt or eat
D sleeping while the females either hunt or eating


A. would we probably call
B. we would probably call
C. we would probably call it
D would we probably called


A. nature does working
B. is nature working
C. nature works
D does nature work